Synaptic Physical Therapy is a privately owned practice licensed in Virginia. We do not accept any insurance plans. Invoices can be provided upon request to be submitted to your insurance company for partial reimbursement. Please check with your insurance provider to determine if they provide partial payment for Out of Network services.


Phone Consultation – 15 minutes FREE

In-Home Physical Therapy Initial Evaluation – 75 minutes $250

In-Home Physical Therapy – 60 minutes $200

Visit Packages:

5 Visits – $950

10 Visits – $1800

A Good Faith Estimate of services can be provided upon request.
A travel fee will be assessed for services outside of a 15 mile radius of Centreville, Virginia.

Wellness Packages

These packages should NOT be used by those who are currently having pain or other dysfunction or for those who need special accommodations that require intervention by a therapist. In these cases your therapist will see you for formal physical therapy instead. If you’re unsure, book a free telephone consultation to discuss it with us!

Sleep Posture Package

1 hour of sleep posture training and 1 hour follow up – $375

Sitting posture and ergonomics assessment

1 hour of ergonomics assessment and 1 hour of sitting training, plus a 1 month follow up – $550

Squat like a Pro

1 hour of posture training, 1 hour of weight acceptance and hip hinge training and a 1 month follow up with squatting variations added – $550

Stand and lift

Work on your feet all day? Here is the plan to save your back!

1 hour of standing posture training, 1 hour of squat/hip hinge training, 1 hour of lifting practice and a 1 month follow up for 1 hour – $725

Perfect Posture Package

10 sessions to improve your posture and learn the best and most efficient positions for your body.

Sleep session training

Sitting session

Foot posture session 1

Hip hinging/weight acceptance session

Mid program check in

Standing posture session

Hip hinging session

Foot posture session 2

Lifting mechanics check in

End of program wrap up and review


Personal Training

Customized fitness training based on your specific needs. Available at your home or your gym.

One Session – $225

Three Sessions – $550

Five Sessions – $900

Ten Sessions – $1,775