Core Values

More than just Physical Therapy.

While we’re passionate about physical therapy, we also believe it’s about more than just treating patients. Our core values speak to these important principles:

Ethics of Care:
  • Patients are treated based on what is best for them and their condition, never based on their insurance.
  • Patients are treated to return to their highest level of function possible.
  • Patients are looked at from a whole-person approach, not from a condition or pathology approach.
  • Patients are treated to find long term solutions, not short term fixes for problems.
  • The patient/therapist relationship is built on mutual trust and respect.
Data Security:
  • Synaptic Therapy is dedicated to keeping your data secure.
  • We use only HIPPA compliant documentation and communication systems.
  • Passwords are always complex, unique, and managed by a password manager.
  • All passwords are only accessible with biometric authentication.
  • Email and messaging are end to end encrypted and use a zero trust policy.
Our Commitment to the Environment:
  • We are dedicated to minimizing our impact on the environment in all facets of our care.
  • We use disposable products only where needed to ensure patient and therapist safety.
  • In cases where we must use disposable products they will use the most biodegradable components possible.
  • We use a fully electric vehicle.