“I have seen Albert for several sports related injuries over the years and was both thrilled and relieved to discover he launched Synaptic Physical Therapy at a time when I need him once again! We have been working together for a few months on a knee pain issue that’s plagued me for 18 months and kept me off the soccer field, out of running, and in most cases even unable to walk more than a quarter mile. Albert knows his stuff, explains it in layman’s terms, and gets down to the real root cause of mystery pain (ex: my knee pain is a back issue–mind blown!). Back in 2016 Albert helped me avoid ankle surgery when a shot on goal through my ankle fully ruptured a ligament, partially tore a tendon, and gave me extensive bone bruising. To be able to mend such an injury with PT was incredible, and the ankle has never bothered me again. (knock on wood!). Personable, friendly, empathic, genuinely caring, super knowledgeable, funny and down to earth–Albert’s the real deal! If you want to see improvements from injury or other ailments, I 100% recommend Synaptic PT!”