Can Physical Therapy Treat Headaches?

YES! Headaches are one of my favorite things to treat in fact. There are many types of headaches and many can benefit from PT intervention. The first type of headache that benefits from PT is called a cervicogenic headache. “Cervico” means neck and “genic” means stemming from. In this form of headache the joints in … Continue reading Can Physical Therapy Treat Headaches?

Treating Our Joints Efficiently

One place we want to be efficient and not just normal is when it comes to the function of our joints. As we age we lose the range of motion of our joints. This is accelerated by injury or by misuse/disuse. If this isn’t restored it can cause problems that are lifelong. Now let’s take … Continue reading Treating Our Joints Efficiently

Why Cash Based?

A lot of people ask why Synaptic doesn't accept insurances, and it’s a very fair question. Before I answer it I want to clarify a few very important things. I don’t dislike insurance nor do I think people shouldn’t have insurance. A principle tenant of Synaptic Therapy is caring for people. We ourselves have and … Continue reading Why Cash Based?