What is Functional Manual Therapy?

Put simply, Functional Manual Therapy (FMT) is a treatment philosophy from the Institute of Physical Art that recognizes that the body is intricately interconnected and in order to treat effectively, we as physical therapists need to acutely understand the interaction between all the body systems. FMT is a foundational part of the Institute of Physical … Continue reading What is Functional Manual Therapy?

5 Exercises to Put Myself Out of Business

If you’ve ever had physical therapy, your therapist has probably sent you home with an exercise program to follow along with your hands on PT sessions. These usually target the area you’re working on and they make a huge difference to the success of your overall therapy. When patients see the success of their home … Continue reading 5 Exercises to Put Myself Out of Business

Why Did I Become a PT

https://youtu.be/njdK9xQw8sQ Digging a previously unaired video out of the archives to celebrate my first year in business with Synaptic Physical Therapy! Thank you all for being here as this business grows. I’ve enjoyed meeting so many new people and have been honored to be trusted by so many of you to help you get moving … Continue reading Why Did I Become a PT

Treatment Table Talk – Pain

Today we’re hopping on the yoga mat to talk about Pain. A lot of patients come to me because they’re in pain. I think it’s important for patients to understand almost as much about pain as I do. Pain is a very unique thing. I tell a lot of patients right off the bat (and … Continue reading Treatment Table Talk – Pain

Can Physical Therapy Treat Headaches?

YES! Headaches are one of my favorite things to treat in fact. There are many types of headaches and many can benefit from PT intervention. The first type of headache that benefits from PT is called a cervicogenic headache. “Cervico” means neck and “genic” means stemming from. In this form of headache the joints in … Continue reading Can Physical Therapy Treat Headaches?

Treating Our Joints Efficiently

One place we want to be efficient and not just normal is when it comes to the function of our joints. As we age we lose the range of motion of our joints. This is accelerated by injury or by misuse/disuse. If this isn’t restored it can cause problems that are lifelong. Now let’s take … Continue reading Treating Our Joints Efficiently