5 Exercises to Put Myself Out of Business

If you’ve ever had physical therapy, your therapist has probably sent you home with an exercise program to follow along with your hands on PT sessions. These usually target the area you’re working on and they make a huge difference to the success of your overall therapy.

When patients see the success of their home exercise program and the impact on their symptoms and overall well being, I often get asked what kinds of exercises would be helpful in general – or which might even prevent the need for physical therapy in the first place.

Here’s my 5 favorites – and the best part is that none of them require much space or special equipment, and all of them can be modified however you may need!


The ultimate lower body exercise, squats hit nearly every muscle in the legs and trunk and there are good variations for everything you may need.

Planks/Side Planks

I have never met someone who thought their core was strong enough. This is a great way to teach your core to prevent movement.


A great way to strengthen the key muscles for posture that so many people fight against when they sit all day. A great way to balance out push ups or bench press.


A great combo that when done right teaches you how to stabilize your core while forcefully contracting your gluts which can improve power with a lot of activities.

Chin Tucks

The ultimate way to strengthen and protect your neck. It helps to improve posture and it helps strengthen the stabilizers that prevent shear forces in the neck

And one bonus exercise: Walking!

It’s safe for almost everyone and gives a good beginner workout for those who are starting a fitness program or want a very sustainable fitness program. Plus it’s nice to walk around outside!

If you’re looking to fine tune your fitness routine or establish new habits for your physical health did you know we offer wellness packages? Wellness packages are a great investment into your health as well as a way to prevent the need to see me for a medical condition in the future! Check out our wellness packages here.

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